I want to put in an irrigation system. Where do I start?

The first thing to decide is whether you will be planting a container garden or an in ground garden. Either way, you would want to use Hydro Flow® tubing, tube supports, connectors, and emitters or drip stakes.

For container gardens, Hydro Flow® irrigation systems can be positioned across the top of your plant containers. Tube supports will click on to the sides of your containers so that you can position the irrigation line where it is best suited.

For in ground gardens, it is best to install Hydro Flow® irrigation systems above the top soil, along the planting row.


Can I use Hydro Flow® products outside in an open environment?

Yes! Hydro Flow® products can be used in both indoor hydroponic applications and outdoor environments. They are geared toward gardeners with all levels of experience from the novice to the commercial farmer. 


Can I bury my Hydro Flow® irrigation lines?

Yes! Hydro Flow® irrigation lines can operate under ground. If you do decide to bury the lines, be sure to use the proper connecting lines and drip stakes for your application.


Can I use Hydro Flow® products in freezing weather?

No. Most irrigation products are uninsulated and are subject to being damaged when exposed to the elements. Hydro Flow® is no exception. It is recommended that you do not use Hydro Flow® products in temperatures less than 45º F.


Will Hydro Flow® products integrate with my current irrigation system?

While Hydro Flow® products will most likely integrate with your current irrigation system, it is recommended to use Hydro Flow® tubing in conjunction with Hydro Flow® fittings to ensure a properly secured and watertight connection.


Are Hydro Flow® products chemically safe for my plants?

Yes! All Hydro Flow® irrigation products are constructed from the finest quality, professional grade supplies. Designed specifically to work with indoor and outdoor irrigation systems, Hydro Flow® products were engineered to be non-corrosive and non-leaching. They do not give off gasses over time.


How do I know which Hydro Flow® fittings and tubing to purchase?

Simple! Match the size of the fitting to the size of the tubing. For example, if you are purchasing 1/4" tubing, then you will want to purchase 1/4" fittings.

Other irrigation products would have you purchase 1/4" tubing and 3/16" fittings. This is because their measurements are based on the outer diameter of the tubing and the outer diameter of the fitting. 

To eliminate that confusion,  Hydro Flow® fitting measurements are based on the inside diameter of the tubing and the outer diameter of the fitting. Match the sizes and you will have a perfect fit every time!