Many years of experience were captured in the development of the Hydro Flow® Irrigation Line. This knowledge base came from seasoned veterans within the hydroponic, outdoor, and commercial agriculture industries. Recognizing the demand for custom fittings that do not sacrifice ease of use, The Hydro Flow® team set out to create a complete and unique part selection. In addition to traditional irrigation fittings such as reducers, barbed connectors, grommets and sprayers, Hydro Flow® has innovated industry specific parts to satisfy the particular irrigation needs of the hydroponic gardener.

Designed specifically to work in conjunction with one another, Hydro Flow®'s comprehensive line of irrigation products allows for a one stop shopping experience and eliminates the worry of mismatched parts. Whether you need a simple garden hose "y" connector, or you are piecing together acres of drip lines, Hydro Flow® will have what you need. We understand the ever-changing nature of the growing industry and as designs, techniques and technology advance, so does our product line.

Hydro Flow® delivers quality, compatible irrigation solutions.  Hydro Flow® products can only be found at one of our Authorized Dealers.


Note to retailers: Remember - Hydro Flow® offers a full line of irrigation parts that you would normally purchase through multiple vendors. Our goal, in addition to offering quality, compatible irrigation solutions, is to provide you, the retailer, with a time and money saving ordering experience. Contact us for more information.