Hydro Flow™

Hydro Flow™ is a supplier of high quality irrigation supplies. Offering a complete line of irrigation fittings and tools, our products are designed for indoor or outdoor application.

Hydro Flow™ products are specifically designed to work in conjunction with each other to create a uniform look and fit.

Our product line is geared toward the all season indoor gardener, yet can also be used for many applications including home outdoor garden irrigation, farm irrigation and commercial greenhouse irrigation.

Hydro Flow™ offers nothing but the finest quality, professional grade supplies and we pride ourselves on quality, durability and superior performance.

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Universal Fittings

Our complete line of fittings is known for its superior performance and reliability. These non-corrosive plastic fittings are guaranteed to provide a secure, watertight and airtight connection. These fittings offer strength and durability.

Complete Irrigation Kits

We offer a range of complete irrigation kits to help you set up an irrigation system with ease and in record time. Each kit is specially designed to work with specifically with grow tables or flood tables. Whether you have a drip system or a flood and drain table, these kits will get you growing fast!

Streamlined Packaging

Hydro Flow™ packaging is designed for ease of identification. Products are neatly packaged in clearly labeled, easy access display boxes that showcase an image of the product, UPC code, part number and description. Hydro Flow™ also offers a “Plan-o-Gram” to retailers to help attractively and easily display either a portion of, or the entire Hydro Flow™ line!